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WinRAR *all* versions crack
07/23/2005 23:07

Since its release mars 09 2005 the winrar precrack has proven itself worthy a sexier gui. It has precracked eight new winrar releases so far, and I suspect it will continue to serve us nicely in the future as well.

This is hopefully the only winrar crack you will ever need.

So here is the full source code as well as workspace and precompiled binary to the WinRAR cracker. Enjoy!

Edit: WinRAR PreCrack 2008 remake added.

Choking windows with MAX_PATH
09/03/2005 12:45

Refer to oversized.txt for all the details. Remember, there are quite probably several 3rd party applications out there which rely on the MAX_PATH limit. I found it particularly shocking to find such a disturbing lack of functionality in the windows shell itself - but if you can come up with further ideas for exploitation ... you could tell me ... or not.


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