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connectback shell + http
09/24/2005 16:22

dawizard c0ded this connectback shell which hides its traffic in HTTP GET's and POST's. The idea is to produce less noise. A connectback shell constantly puts SYN's on the wire, and an IDS will be more likely to let that pass without bitching when it is HTTP traffic. Hiding the actual shell traffic inside HTTP traffic is just the next logical step.

Elliptic Curve Crypto
12/27/2005 04:42

I have been dealing with elliptic curves recently a lot and found the ECDLP key exchange a very interesting method. Therefore I wrote ecc.py which implements several classes to toy around with elliptic curves. I also grabed aes.py from somewhere so I could give an example of how to use it. For questions, bug me. Enjoy!

PS: I also added a little PDF for further reading. It is a very fine paper on ECC.


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