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Elliptic Curve Crypto
12/27/2005 04:42

I have been dealing with elliptic curves recently a lot and found the ECDLP key exchange a very interesting method. Therefore I wrote ecc.py which implements several classes to toy around with elliptic curves. I also grabed aes.py from somewhere so I could give an example of how to use it. For questions, bug me. Enjoy!

PS: I also added a little PDF for further reading. It is a very fine paper on ECC.

python raw sockets (reloaded)
05/15/2006 10:33

I recently got an email asking for an update on my raw sockets patch for python, which unfortunately wasn't added to the Python 2.4 core for win32 =(.

Anyway, I immediately upgraded it to be compatible with 2.4. However, be warned that this will only work with Windows Versions that provide raw sockets support, like 2000 and 2003 server. I also added 2 little scripts that I wrote for testing purposes back then. Maybe you like 'em.


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