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python raw sockets (reloaded)
05/15/2006 10:33

I recently got an email asking for an update on my raw sockets patch for python, which unfortunately wasn't added to the Python 2.4 core for win32 =(.

Anyway, I immediately upgraded it to be compatible with 2.4. However, be warned that this will only work with Windows Versions that provide raw sockets support, like 2000 and 2003 server. I also added 2 little scripts that I wrote for testing purposes back then. Maybe you like 'em.

live ip search
08/07/2007 10:33

Sometimes you just want to know which sites are hosted on a certain server. If the DNS server in question won't help you with that problem, this little script just might. It does a search on live of the form ip:<ip address> and just lists all the hosts that live can find. All these hosts will then resolve to the ip address you entered and should thus be hosted on the same server. Nothing fancy, but I find myself using it a lot.


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