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Inline Assembler Quest
10/07/2007 10:18

I have been fighting with GCC for almost a week, looking for a way to incorporate ASM functions with C code - in such a way that it would compile properly under Visual C++ and GCC at the same time. What can I say, I finally came up with a bit of a dirty trick, and I felt like sharing it.

LeapFTP Properly Pwned
02/25/2008 20:36

During the past years Iíve written a bunch of LeapFTP cracks and tutorials, as well as a simple keygen. The only thing left to do would be some kind of pre-crack, but that seems rather pointless if you look at the sleepy release frequency!
(current version aug 2005).

Tutorial 1 (
Tutorial 2 (
Tutorial 3 ( - video tutorial
Tutorial 4 (
Crack ( ::: source code
Keygen ( ::: source code

Hopefully it will be useful to some of you!


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