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Static IP vs DHCP
01/15/2009 12:40

At home, I have static IP's - and everyone else is using DHCP for their phony little plastic routers. Even I, on occasion, have to switch my network interface to DHCP. Now I finally sat down and wrote a VBScript that allows you to easiely switch a network interface from static to dynamic IP configuration, bypassing the long way through control panel etc.
Be warned: The script stores its configuration in itself. Basically, whenever you enter something in a prompt - it gets written back into the script (check the UpdateSelf routine). So - make sure you have no quotation marks in your IP address.

Merging Wordlists
04/17/2009 11:38

I could not find a decent tool or script to merge wordlists without creating duplicates and then create a sorted output. So I just wrote one. I uploaded the big dictionary that I created with it ... it's 46MB and creation took a couple of minutes, so I think the script is ok in terms of speed.


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